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Peoplesoft was a company that was responsible for making several successful software applications for managing customer relations, supply chain management, and financial services. It had a significant share of its market. Oracle later bought Peoplesoft for a significant amount of money. The Peoplesoft Mailing Address List from E-List Hunter is a large compilation of all the users of Peoplesoft’s products. These users include small businesses as well as large corporations. Additionally, the list has segmentations to divide users according to product usage and location.

Furthermore, the Peoplesoft Contact List is a versatile tool to assess the market for such products and promote them ideally. It allows marketers to determine how similar products will be received and accordingly, promote them. Moreover, the Peoplesoft Mailing List lets advertisers harness a unique source of leads to promote a particular type of products. Advertisers will find it easier to convert these leads.

What makes our mailing list a must-have for marketers?

  • It presents marketers with a unique source of global leads to follow up on
  • This list is the product a research into demographics, market valuations, brand value, market capitalizations as well as purchase patterns
  • All the leads in this list are subject to extensive verifications in addition to appending
  • These steps help us to ensure complete accuracy in addition to the information being fully up-to-date
  • Promoters can use this mailing list to launch relevant products and generate better leads as well as convert them
  • Marketers can also enjoy better inbox placements as well as click-throughs and ROI
  • Marketers can really bolster their brand’s presence in the marketing arena and boost their sales
  • So, purchase this list and watch your fortunes grow


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